NOW Housing offers multiple configurations to address different housing needs.


NOW Housing manufactures affordable housing on a mass production scale that presently is unmatched. Our units are built to stand the test of time against climate, tenant turnover and aggressive use.

Private and/or public developers now have a cost-effective housing solution that is attractive to its residents and community. Housing units may be stacked together to form a complex enabling optimal affordable housing in a single development area.

The following 40′ floorplans have either been produced or are in plans to produce in the near future. Contact our team of experts to see additional designs, including 20′ plans.


Duo-Suite Floorplan - NOW Housing

The recent addition of our Duo-Suite provides the greatest amount of private space in a limited space. While meeting Ontario Building Code’s requirements for bedroom space, this module provides both a bathroom and kitchen in an unshared space. We designed this piece for clients seeking private spaces for sleeping, but currently offering additional community spaces.

The above displays two separate living spaces accessible only through each’s respective front door. The suites back on to one another through a bathroom wall, which is fire-resistant.


Studio Floorplan - NOW Housing
The Studio is a self-contained unit that offers an efficient solution to comfortably housing individuals on a limited footprint. A bedroom, full kitchen, bathroom, en suite laundry and dinette set provide all necessary amenities for comfortable living, either for temporary or long term housing.


1 (Accessible) Bedroom Floorplan - NOW Housing

The single bedroom unit offers more livable space than a Studio. A spacious living room provides an area suitable for reading and relaxing on a full size couch set. In addition to being suitable for an individual, this design is well suited to couples. The full kitchen, en-suite laundry and bathroom ensure daily living comforts are available.

A variation of this design is visible in our Watkins example on the Portfolio page.


Multi-Bedroom (Many options available)

Multi-Bedroom Floorplan  - NOW Housing
The multi-bedroom units are available, either as low as two bedrooms up to five. For configurations with three or more bedrooms, an additional bathroom can be added to ensure resident convenience. Strategically placed furniture and a space-saving dinette table make this unit seem bigger. This configuration is best suited to families in their own private space or housing many tenants with shared resources (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry facilities).


Our units provide a combination of modern design and functional layouts that can provide balanced living. Some major features are:
➢ Fully furnished with beds, cabinets, stackable laundry, tables, chairs, microwave, stove and fridge
➢ Interior finishes of hardwood cabinetry, granite countertops, water-resistant flooring and walls
➢ Individual heating and cooling systems (electric) ensure comfort all year round
➢ Specific insulation used to prevent moisture/condensation
➢ Connectivity through Cat 6 wiring for internet and cable
➢ Large windows to allow in maximum sunlight
➢ Structures are durable and sustainable
➢ Can be built barrier free accessible for person with disabilities
➢ Meet Sound Transmission Ratings
➢ National Fire Resistant Rating, including multi-storey

We have thoughtfully designed to use non-biodegradable interiors that result in low maintenance year after year and provide an easy turnover timetable between tenants. Drywall has been replaced with a more durable and maintenance free wall panel system. High finish vinyl flooring eliminates odour and allergy traps and transfer between tenants.