This was first modular container housing to be built in the Windsor area.

About this Project

  • Project Location: Windsor, Ontario
  • Building Type: Multi-Residential, Permanent
  • Total Sq Ft: 3,840
  • Each Modular Dwelling: 640 Sq Ft
  • More Details:
    • Multi-Story (2)
    • Multi-Unit (4 units with 2 bedrooms each, 2 basement units with 1 bedroom)
    • Conventional Construction Finished Basement

  • This project was designed to allow young adults to live independently with the assistance of counselling & other services. 2 modules, 40 ft long are paired together to create a comfortable living space complete with bedroom, bathroom, laundry, living space and a kitchen. When combined as 4 sets and the addition of a full basement, this property will provide more housing to a non-profit organization and improve its neighbourhood.

    Components to each modular floorplan include: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, full kitchen, in-suite laundry, living room. Fully furnished with appliances and furniture.




Watkins - NOW Housing
Watkins (Rear) - NOW Housing
Watkins Floorplan - NOW Housing
Watkins - Fully Furnished Kitchen - NOW Housing
Watkins - Fully Furnished Living Area - NOW Housing
Watkins - Fully Furnished Large Bedroom - NOW Housing
Stacked Laundry - NOW Housing