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We provide spectacular modular accommodations, designed with modern amenities and delivered fully furnished. All that is left is for residents to move inside!

Development and design includes sourcing environmental, economical and durable materials to ensure the highest level of comfort. Further advantages to the land developer include:


Construction costs are reliably very high due to land, material, labour and other associated costs. NOW Housing provides a unique modular approach to focus on customers with smaller budgets and an interest in faster building times. The reduced cost solution further helps to address the shortage of affordable housing across Ontario, via off-site manufacturing, assembled on-site within mere hours. By comparison to construction using conventional wood framing and associated materials, we present significant cost savings, reduced time restraints and much higher quality control.


Modular housing is an emerging field with completed projects in Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver Boston, New York, and many cities overseas. A unique advantage of the modular design allows for a relatively quick decision to implementation process, as well can be utilized as a short-term solution while a community grows.

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