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President, Matthew Lubberts on the Brian Crombie Show

Matthew Lubberts speaks with Brian Crombie about the need for affordable housing across Canada. Discussing the unqiue solution to addressing the shortage of affordable housing.

Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs & Housing visits NOW Housing project in Windsor

Steve Clark, Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Drew Dilkens, Mayor of the City of Windsor, and Andrew Dowie, Member of Provincial Parliament for Windsor-Tecumseh, to tour the new youth supportive housing project in Windsor built by NOW Housing.

“All levels of government came together to help build this facility & it’s imperative that we continue to work to ensure more Ontarians have a place to call home.” @SteveClarkPC (Steve Clark). 26 Jul. 2022.

640 sqft One-Bedroom Apartment Unit

Watch as this modular construction project by NOW Housing was delivered in a single day, providing a safe living environment for a​n individual. Consideration was given to both current needs and potential future modification. Composed of 4 modules, each 20 feet long, and connected side by side, this space provides one bedroom, a generous bathroom, and a large living space.​ For the initial furniture set up, it was requested to place the bed in the main room to provide a dedicated office space.

Council’s Corner: Bechtel Street Affordable Housing (Bechtel 1)

Modular housing made out of shipping containers is providing six residents an affordable option to live in on Bechtel Street in Cambridge. Two of the six units are modified to accommodate people with accessibility needs. The Bechtel Street affordable housing project is part of the Region’s affordable housing plan, Building Better Futures: 2,500 homes in 5 years.

Bechtel Affordable Housing Time-Lapse (Bechtel 2)


This very successful pilot project of affordable housing was constructed in a matter of months, with very favourable results.

Bechtel Virtual Open House Tour (Bechtel 3)


Take a quick peak inside one of the apartment units, which Cambridge Mayor, Kathryn McGarry said “I couldn’t have been more impressed… It had all of the comforts of home. It’s beautifully finished, from the granite countertops to a washer-dryer unit,” and filled with light from large windows. Each of the six one-bedroom units are 480 square feet, fully furnished and equipped with all appliances, including laundry. The full Open House Tour with commentary can be found below (Bechtel 4). 

Bechtel Open House (Bechtel 4)


Join Cambridge Mayor, Karen Redman and members of council for a 32 minute dicsussion and presentation of the Bechtel St Open House. An apartment complex consisting of 18 modular units that were placed together to create 6 dwellings for seniors from within the Waterloo Region.

Single Family Home (Hagersville)


​​This project and a few others just like it, were completed with the objective intention of expanding the availability of affordable single family homes across Ontario.

Waterloo Region Hybrid Shelter


Region of Waterloo’s Hybrid Shelter on Erbs Road (located in Wilmot Township) offers a large community centre and 50 private sleep cabins. This was project is designed to provide a safe and warm place for residents to sleep while helping them get back on their feet in the community. The Community Centre includes: washrooms, community halls, facility operators and food preparation areas.

Peterborough Shelter


Peterborough added 50 private sleep cabins and washroom facilities to its existing shelter on Wolfe Street. This was project is expanded the city’s ability to provide a safe environment to residents, for the transitional process towards incorporating them back into successful members of the community.