Worker Housing –

960 sq ft

 Work Hard, Live Safe, Repeat.

About this Project

  • Certified & Designed for Ontario
  • Building Type: Worker Housing
  • Levels: 1
  • Total Sq Ft: 960
  • More Details:
    • 3 Modules (each 40′ long)
    • Legally accommodates 10 workers
    •  2 Bathrooms
    • Appliances included
    • Surpasses Worker Housing Rules  
Worker Housing (10 people) - NOW Housing

Designed specifically for greenhouse growers, this plan is perfect for year round living. Closed-cell spray foam behind the high density, washable, mold and rot-resistant walls ensures energy savings and comfort during cold winters and hot summers.

The presented floorplan adheres to all Ontario Building Code requirements for worker housing. This includes fire-separation, relevant when constructing multiple dwellings. As with all NOW Housing buildings, the modules are constructed off site, in accordance with CSA-A227 standards, a procedure for factory certification of prefabricated buildings and can delivered at any time of year.

Additional major features include:

Fully furnished with 4 bunkbeds, 2 single beds, 2 dining tables, 10 chairs, 10 lockers, 1 desk

Appliances: 2 refrigerators with freezers, 1 stove, 1 OTR microwave, stackable washer & dryer, 1 chest freezer, water heater, heating (heatpump, baseboard) & air conditioning
➢ Interior finishes of hardwood cabinetry, granite countertops, water-resistant flooring and walls
➢ Individual heating and cooling systems (electric) ensure comfort all year round
➢ Large windows to allow in maximum sunlight
➢ Structures are durable and sustainable
➢ Can be built barrier free accessible for person with disabilities
➢ Meet Sound Transmission Ratings
➢ National Fire Resistant Rating, including multi-storey

We have thoughtfully designed to use non-biodegradable interiors that result in low maintenance year after year and provide an easy turnover timetable between tenants. Drywall has been replaced with a more durable and maintenance free wall panel system. High finish vinyl flooring eliminates odour and allergy traps and transfer between tenants.

    Faced with rising costs, including post-COVID-19 requirements, growers are on the lookout for more cost effective construction solutions allowing for quality housing, without incurring heavy costs. With NOW Housing’s dedicated background provided affordable housing, worker housing for the agriculture sector is a perfect fit, not to mention how modular construction can provide faster solutions than conventional construction. Consider, construction can occur off-site while permits are being processed and no weather delays.