City of Peterborough’s Modular Bridge Housing Community

 50 Private Cabins (106 sft each), Washrooms & Service Room (320 sqft)

About this Project

  • Location: City of Peterborough
  • Building Type: Shelter, Temporary
  • More Details:

After the success of the Region of Waterloo’s Hybrid Shelter, the City of Peterborough, Ontario utilized many of the original design concepts for their own project known as the Modular Bridge Housing Community. While deploying 50 private sleep cabins, one notable modification was the stand alone washroom & service module to provide additional services to the existing shelter, already on the property.


Peterborough Cabin - NOW Housing
Peterborough Cabins - NOW Housing
Peterborough Shelter - NOW Housing
Peterborough Washrooms - NOW Housing
Peterborough Washroom Module - NOW Housing