Leslie –

640 sq ft

A wonderful example of modular construction can be used as an addition to an existing structure.

About this Project

  • Location: Cambridge, Ontario
  • Building Type: Residential, Permanent
  • Levels: 1
  • Total Sq Ft: 640
  • More Details:
    • 4 Modules (each 20′ long)
    • 1 Private Dwelling

  • ​​This project provided a safe living environment for a​n individual. Consideration was given to both current needs and potential future modification. Composed of 4 modules, each 20 feet long, and connected side by side, this space provides one bedroom, a generous bathroom, a large living space and a separate office space.​




Leslie - exterior - NOW Housing
Leslie - Kitchen - NOW Housing
Leslie - Living Area - NOW Housing
Leslie - Living Area II - NOW Housing
Leslie - Bedroom - NOW Housing